“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, bring others along.”

African Proverb


The idea of ​​making partnerships pleases us because together we are stronger and, in this journey, it is so important to have an interdisciplinary approach.

We aim to create new healthy, practical and sustainable habits.

So, to give visibility to other projects that are in symbiosis with Flor do Sol, is promoting harmony and respect towards mother Earth.


Safras Nomadas is an ongoing project! Harvest, labour, from the lands where each journey takes me, gathering the traditional uses of plants. Therefore, bringing together an ancestral knowledge and the know-how that science provides us with.

These are handmade preparations from medicinal plants, wild ones collected in preserved spots far away from the pollution, others cultivated organically in the garden.

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Florais Terra Luz.a “To produce healing transformations in the mind, body and spirit (being the human organism constituted by multiple energy systems that influence each other) is our goal through Floral Therapy …”

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